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We didn't reinvent the wheel
just the personal training experience

We didn't reinvent the wheel just the personal training experience

The old, one-size-fits-all approach is out the door. Personalized fitness training as you want it has arrived.

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One-On-One Training

Our certified trainers provide personalized, goal-oriented training sessions tailored to your needs and preferences.

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Holistic Fitness Approach

Our approach includes strength training, cardio conditioning, flexibility, mobility, and functional movements, and utilizes both traditional and innovative methods for effective workouts.

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Training Programs Benefits

Our tailored workouts are designed to enhance your fitness and well-being with practical, results-driven exercises.

Meet your new personal trainers


Ted Chase: Dedicated Personal Trainer

Ted Chase, a native of western New York, grew up on a farm where he learned the value of fitness and health from an early age. His enthusiasm for competitive sports transitioned into a career when, after high school, he began assisting others at a local gym. This experience ignited Ted's ambition to become a Personal Trainer, allowing him to merge his passions for weightlifting, fitness, and aiding others in reaching their fitness objectives.

With 25 years of experience in various gyms and fitness centers across Florida, Ted has compiled an impressive portfolio of inspiring transformations. Specializing in weightlifting, powerlifting, women's fitness, strength training, and general physical fitness, Ted has established himself as the go-to personal trainer for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Embrace your fitness journey with Ted Chase today and unlock your potential for transformative success!

Reach out today to begin transforming your life with a personalized fitness plan tailored just for you. Call 863-632-2057 or fill out our form to book your discovery call. 

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Trisha Couch: Dedicated Personal Trainer

Since relocating to St. Cloud in '94 from her birthplace of Hot Springs, AR, Trisha Couch has developed a profound connection with the sunny ambiance of her chosen home, fueling her passion for fitness. Trisha's journey into the world of fitness began with a personal challenge with weight management, particularly after her first child's birth, when she weighed over 230 lbs. Over the last 17 years, she has committed to not only reaching her fitness targets but also assisting others in achieving theirs.

Understanding the demands of being a full-time working mother of two, Trisha empathizes deeply with those struggling to find time for themselves amidst the hustle of daily life. Her approach to fitness is holistic, combining meal planning with personal training to ensure her clients achieve their goals. She finds nothing more rewarding than aiding others in their pursuit of fitness.

If you're ready to embark on your fitness journey with a trainer who understands the challenges of balancing life and health, Trisha Couch will guide you through every step.

Reach out today to begin transforming your life with a personalized fitness plan tailored just for you. Call 863-632-2057 or fill out our form to book your discovery call. 

Trisha Couch Personal Trainer

Speciality services



Experience the transformation of weightlifting, sculpting your body and boosting your strength like never before.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Achieve a well-rounded and vibrant physical fitness with our sessions, tailored to enhance your overall health and vitality.

Strength Training

Strength Training

Build a solid foundation of strength and resilience through our dynamic strength training programs, unlocking your true potential.

Cardio Conditioning

Cardio Conditioning

Ignite your cardiovascular system and elevate your endurance with our dynamic cardio conditioning programs, fueling your body for peak performance.

Power Lifting


Unleash your inner force and dominate the platform with our specialized powerlifting programs, setting new records and pushing your limits.

Flexibility & Mobility

Flexibility & Mobility

Enhance your flexibility and mobility through our specialized training, unlocking new levels of freedom and fluidity in your movements.

(Skip the form and call us at 863-632-2057)

What clients are saying

Christina Morris Testimony Image

Christina Morris

Personal Training Done Right

"I highly recommend Personal Training Done Right! Ted takes the time to understand your goals and develops a workout plan to help you reach those goals to improve your overall health. His training sessions are challenging and rewarding. Ted always pushes you through your workouts because he is committed to your success."

Google 5 Star Review

Nick Chiappina Testimony Photo

Nick Chiappina

Personal Training Done Right

Started last June with Ted in hopes of losing weight and gaining strength. I've since lost over 30 lbs and have begun to learn about my body and weight training. Ted will mold a custom program for your body type and lifestyle while holding you accountable for your goals. Highly recommend PTDR!
Google 5 Star Review


Victor Garrett

Personal Training Done Right

"Prior to starting individual secessions with Ted, we first spoke about what my goals were, and a little about me. This helped him put together a personalized workout for me, and that's exactly what he did."

"If you're looking for a trainer that will not go through the run-of-the-mill workouts, will push you to be your best, not let you quit, and isn't judgemental, then Ted is your guy! I highly recommend it."
Google 5 Star Review

Felix Alemdina Testimony Image

Felix Almedina

Personal Training Done Right

"Ted Chase is an excellent trainer and hard worker and will push you past your limits to make you feel and see what you can accomplish. With Ted's help, I went from weighing 265 to 190; he's the man!"
Google 5 Star Review

Trisha Couch Testimony Image

Trisha Couch

Personal Training Done Right

"If you are looking for a great personal trainer, look no further. Highly recommend Ted to get you started into your fitness journey or take it up a notch 🙌🏻 Great for all levels, whether you're just getting started or needing to bump up what you're currently doing, he customizes to each client. Give him a try; you won't regret it."
Google 5 Star Review

Nathan Blackwell Testimony Image

Nathan Blackwell

Personal Training Done Right

"Quality training that produces maximum results!"
Google 5 Star Review

Welcome to your training facility

Get ready to unleash your inner beast and conquer your fitness goals in a space designed to amplify your awesomeness, where sweat and determination meet high-fives and victory dances! This is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Transform your body today

Are you pumped up and ready to crush your weight training, weight loss, and fitness goals? We're here to help! Get ready to take the next big leap and join forces with our amazing team. Your journey begins now, and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of it. Let's do this!

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Hiring a personal trainer offers several benefits, including personalized workout programs, accountability, motivation, proper form and technique guidance, goal setting, and tracking progress.

No, there is no prior experience required. 

The frequency of training sessions depends on your goals, availability, and fitness level. Typically, clients train with a personal trainer 2-3 times weekly, but I will help you determine the ideal frequency based on your needs.

A typical training session includes a warm-up, exercises targeting different muscle groups or specific goals, proper form and technique guidance, and a cool-down session. Sessions may also include discussions on nutrition and progress tracking.

People get results at a different paces, so it’s nearly impossible to guarantee results to a client. Most of our clients see results within 6 months. But it depends on how much effort you put into my program. 

Bring a water bottle, towel, and make sure you wear your sneakers. 

We accept all payment methods. Cash, checks, credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and more. 

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